Last Post of the Year

Hello bloggers, this will be my last blog post of 2015/2016 year as a grade 7 student. I have had a really fun time blogging this year because we got the opportunity to meet other student bloggers from different places in the world. Don’t worry though, I’ll be back for grade 8.

My favourite  part of the 2015/2016 school year was when our grade 7 class went to Muskoka Woods. I met so many new people, our leaders were the best, the food was amazing, and the activities were super fun! It was an awesome trip that I will always remember.

An area where I demonstrated improvement was when I studied before tests because it always helps to know what the test is going to be on.

My hopes and goals for next year are getting good grades for grade 8 and to win the athlete of the year award. It will sort of be tough because most kids in our class are good runners, and just all around athletes.

So thanks for reading my last post and I’ll see ya next year! Happy blogging!!goodbye-inscription-1327253531nq1

Week 9: My Future

Hello bloggers, today I will be doing week 9 in the student blogging challenge about what my future will hopefully look like.

I don’t know if I’ll do good in my future or not but this is what I would like to happen. For starters I would want to do good in school and get a scholarship to a really nice school. If that doesn’t happen, I will work my way to the Ontario Hockey League. If i do make it there i would play for a couple years to hopefully get a shot for an NHL career. If i don’t play hockey, I would learn to become a doctor or a lawyer.

Well thanks for reading my short post about 3721809183_847a705f0cwhat my future looks like. See ya next post and leave a good comment, bye!

Week 7 Activity 8


chair and beacg Hello everyone. I will be doing the 8th activity in week 7 about writing a poem about something relaxing so I hope you like it!

Sitting by the beach

the sound of the birds singing

flowing water

nothing to worry about


I hope you like my poem. It’s not the best but I gave it a try. make sure to comment about what I should improve on and happy blogging!!,_Tobago



Week 7 Activity 1

Hello everyone. I will be writing about the first board games and I will tell you where, when, and how they were first played so I hope you enjoy!

A board game is a tabletop game that involves counters or people or pieces moved on a board. Some of these games involve strategy or chance. Board games these days are Monopoly, Checkers, Tic-tac-toe, and Dungeons and Dragons. Board games have been around since 3500 B.C. The oldest known board game to ever exist is known as Senet found in Predynastic and First Dynasty burials in Egypt. Some games like chess, depend on player skill, while children’s games such as snakes and ladders and candy land are pure luck.

Thank you for reading my short post about board games and when, where and how they are played. Make sure to comment and bye.

Week 7 Activity 3

Hello bloggers this week I will be telling you what my family would do on a deserted island with nothing but our clothes, so I hope you like it.

If my family ever gets stranded on an island because you know, the odds are pretty slim, we would probably start by going into the jungle to get resources like sticks, leaves, food, and water. We would build our little house right on the beach so we can be by the water and make a fire with our sticks. After we made our house, we would make beds out of leaves and sand. While we have this done we would create a giant SOS sign along the beach to try and get the attention of planes or helicopters. For breakfast we would eat fruit and coconut milk. The boys of the family can go into the jungle and try to kill animals for their meat. The girls would stay back and keep making food for everyone. It would all be going fine but we would get really bored of not being able to do any fun stuff and eat the same thing everyday for who knows how long.

Thanks for reading my post about what my family would do on a deserted stranded island. Leave some helpful comments below and see you next post.

Week 6: Food and Culture


Hello bloggers, today I will be doing week 6 of the student blogging challenge about food and culture in my home country Canada.

Some of the most eaten foods in Canada are Waffles, Chicken, Beaver Tails, Canadian Bacon, and Canadian Beef. Canadians love to put maple syrup on their waffles to make it taste way better! We also eat beaver tails which are beaver tail shaped treats that are made of dough that are baked with cinnamon and other delicious toppings like whipped cream. Canada also eats a lot of meat such as chicken. We eat fried chicken, chicken nuggets, chicken stir-fry, garlic roasted chicken, grilled chicken parmesan, chicken salad, and many other delicious dishes. Bacon is another food that is commonly eaten in Canada. Bacon is a meat product prepared from a pig. It is cured using large quantities of salt. The result is fresh bacon.

This is only a few of the many foods we eat here in Canada.Thanks for reading my post and make sure to leave a positive comment and happy blogging!!



12 foods Canada has given the world (besides poutine)

Blog Challenge Week 4

Hello there fellow bloggers. This week for the blog challenge I will be telling you about where I would like to visit in the world and why. Even though there are a lot of places to go in the world, I feel like I would want to go to this place the most so I hope you enjoy!

If I could visit anywhere in the world I would go to New York City in the United States. The reason I would like to go there is because the city is packed with tourist attractions like Empire State Building, Madison Square Garden, Times Square, Central Park, Statue of Liberty, and Brooklyn Bridge. Not to mention the city is crowded with people. I would love to visit this city because it is ranked one of the best cities in the world.

Thank you for reading this post about what place I would like to visit. Make sure to leave a positive comment because they make me feel good! As always see you next post!!


Week 3 Blogging Challenge

Hello bloggers. since I’m on week 3 of the blogging challenge we are supposed to do a free choice so I am going to talk about myself a little bit. Hope you enjoy!

My name is Oscar and I live in Ontario, Canada. My favourite sports are hockey and baseball. I like watching basketball and football sometimes on TV but since baseball just started and the NHL playoffs are around the corner, that is what I’ll be watching. I play AAA hockey and it is so fun. I have 7 people in my family and 4 siblings. My mom and dad and my siblings Lucy, Libby, Boone, and Scout. In the summer we swim in our pool that we just got. Even though I have a huge family we have a lot of fun growing up with sports and everything.

So yeah, that is just a little bit about myself hope you liked my post and make sure to leave a positive comment down below as always and I’ll see you on the next post.

Week Two: I Can Comment

Hello bloggers. This week I will be doing the week two blog challenge. I chose to talk about proper commenting on a post so I hope you enjoy!!

Commenting is a great way to tell the writer how his/her writing piece is good in some ways, and how they can improve on it. The writers also love the positive feedback because it makes them feel good about their selves. Getting positive comments can also inspire you to post more on your blog. Commenting can also help people to interact with people all over world so please, keep commenting!!!

Commenting on blogs is a big part of blogging and thank you for reading my opinion on commenting on blogs make sure to leave some COMMENTS and see you on my next post bye!


Blog Challenge Week One

OscarHello bloggers, this week our class was told to create an avatar on a site and then talk about how it represents you on our blog post, or to talk about yourself so I chose to make the avatar.

This is my avatar. It represents me because it has blonde hair and is standing how I usually stand. He is also wearing a T shirt and pants because that is what I normally wear. I made my background like that because I live out of town in the country. I forgot to change the brown eyes to blue eyes because I have blue eyes.

That is how my avatar is and how it represents me. Thanks for reading and make sure to comment below!